Squimpish Pro Team


Dan Dau

 My name is Dan Dau and I am lucky enough to live in June lake California at the edge of the eastern sierra mountains. Trout grow to trophy sizes within a short walk from my back door and through the years of learning to fish for these unique monsters came a love for tying big meaty streamers.


Brad Batson

 I am an avid fly fishing junkie, fly tying is my favorite thing to do and I enjoy chasing all types of fish with a fly rod. I think about 10 years ago I came to the realization that every fish is fun to catch when you are the designer of the bait. There’s something special about sitting home on a Friday night tying flies for whichever species you will be hunting this weekend. I love giving my creations to friends for them to try and I collect feedback and make adjustments until I can make the pattern do what I want it to do…..catch fish! 


Carlo Alessandro Negri

 My name is Alessandro Negri and I'm a fly tyer based near Milan in Italy. I started tying my own flies at the age of 7. I love tying especially streamers for trout, pikes and all the freshwater and saltwater predators. I'm a 360° fly fisherman and I love fishing all kinds of fish I can find in Italian waters. 


Jeff Hartzell

 As far back as I can remember, I loved to fish. Growing up in a small mountain town in Colorado afforded me countless opportunities to chase trout and other cold water high altitude.species. Summer vacations to grandma and grandpas house on the lake in Minnesota gave me the warm water bug. On those vacations, if I wasn't sleeping, I was probably on that dock and, when old enough, out in the boat. In high school  is when I picked up a fly rod and belly boat. The addiction to fly fishing only continued to grow as I began college but the cash supply was dropping. So out of necessity I bought a $45 beginner fly-tying kit from McGuckin Hardware and proceeded to teach myself how to tie flies. I still remember the first fish I caught on a fly and the fly. It was an averaged sized Boulder Creek brown trout on a weird white marabou streamer/nymph type fly. Since then I haven't bought a single fly.  I really enjoy tying flies of all types and learning and then hopefully perfecting new techniques as well as experimenting with different materials. I only tie flies for me to actually fish and not just to frame. I've tied flies for everywhere that I've fished including flesh flies for rainbows on the Kenai, Crazy Charlies for monster bones around Oahu, huge articulating streamers for mutant pike from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal or crawfish imitations for bruiser carp along the Front Range of Colorado.  


John Derr

 streamer tying fanatic, that loves to invent new patterns.  Pushing the boundaries in both fresh and salt water for 25 years! 


Ilias Karanzas

 I'm a Professional Fly Tyer and Freelance Fly Fishing journalist from Sweden! When i dont travel and fish with My wife or tie orders or at shows and enjoy working as an archaeologist at my day job! 


Jamie Eggers


I love all things fly fishing, and a serious passion for fly tying. Like most anglers, I started off with conventional gear when I was a child. I didn’t start to flyfishing until I was an adult. Then I was instantly “hooked.” I love what fly fishing has brought to my life. New friends and new relationships, along with lots of beautiful places shared with great people. I have been tying flies for proximally 15 years, and professionally tying for the past 8 to 10 years. I tie flies for all species, but specialize in mainly trout and bass. But it seems as though I’m also getting a lot of saltwater request anymore. I Love designing new flies and using new materials. 


Jared Nellis

 I’m Jared Nellis, owner of Door County on The Fly and licensed captain of The Emerald Shiner, which serves as my guide boat.  I built my boat because I needed a vessel that could fish the bays of Door County and the large flowages in the north country but also float rivers like the Menominee, Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Chippewa, etc.  I ended up with a mahogany flats skiff with 9ft oats on raised oarlocks.  If you’re familiar with Towhee skiffs, this boat is a similar shape but 18ft long for better big water capabilities.  I have been fly fishing northern Wisconsin for around 25years and messing around in boats even longer.  Door County is a unique and diverse fishery that is still under the radar of most fly fishermen.  It’s considered one of the best Smallmouth fisheries on the planet, it has access to the biggest browns on the planet, huge pike and musky, Walleye are plentiful and trophy sized, and the list goes on.  In recent years I have also been fishing for some of the less traditional species like bowfin, gar, carp, and my favorite the freshwater Drum.  One of my favorite aspects of fly fishing is fly tying.  I love developing patterns that drive the big predators crazy, and fine tuning patterns for specific situations.  


Grant Dixon


I was born in British Columbia and was raised in the Vancouver area as well as some short time in Alberta. I started fishing with my dad at a early age along the Fraser River. He showed me how to pour lead to make weights and craft spoons, spinners and flatfish. As an adult I made the transition to fly fishing and tying flies followed right after.

After many years of tying flies and always being a bit crafty a friend from a Movie Prop warehouse asked if I could make some realistic house flies.  I made a handful for a movie and it opened a door to provide more reel Insects.I love fly fishing lakes but prefer rivers.My absolute favorite thing is to get my kids out on the water and share this amazing sport.


Kevin Gohman

 I am an avid fisherman and outdoorsman who hails from Northern Minnesota, spending much of my free time both fly fishing and conventional fishing. I have been fly fishing and tying for over 10 years. My focus has always been warmwater fishing, since there are no trout streams in my area. These days my focus is on largemouth bass and musky, with some success with the latter. I also build my own fly and spin fishing rods. You can follow me at @redbeard.flyfishing on Instagram. 


Joseph Bartula

 My name is joe Bartula and i live in a small town in upstate ny called pine bush. I am 26 years old. I have been an avid trout fishermen ever since i was a little kid. Nothing relaxes me more then standing in the stream. I started tying my own flies last year and i took to it. Nothing is more satisfy then catching a fish on a fly that you have created on your own.  


Michael Ozkaya

Michael Ozkaya has been tying flies for over 20 years, living on the east end of Long Island. When he’s not chasing stripers or albies he’s tying flies commercially/privately and streaming live fly tying lessons on www.twitch.tv/blockedwizard


Danny Parkins


34 years old based in Devon UK where I grew up predator fishing in fresh and salt water over the last 20+ years!

I’ve had Pike to over 30lb, Perch to almost 5lb,  Wrasse to over 7lb and Bass to almost double figure! My life revolves around predator fly fishing where I head the the English side of the Pike Fly Fishing Association (PFFA www.pffa.co.uk) where we strive to push and make Pike fly fishing a fun and constantly evolving part of the sport. My other Passion is tying! You can see my work on Facebook - DP Custom Predator Flies and my general fishing and antics on Instagram - Dannyredneck 

I believe in making fishing fun and love meeting new faces along the way!


Michael Taylor

 I'm a catch and release fisherman, fly and spinning.  I tie my own flies, I'm a huge walleye on the fly fisherman.  I fish the ct river primarily. Notable achievements, 2016 49 inch striped bass on a 9wt 20lb mono tippet .  2018 Massachusetts Catch and release record holder for Walleye 29.5" 10lb2oz and Channel Catfish 32" 17lb2oz. I am an ambassador on Why Knot Fishing as well.  Catch and release grows trophys. 


Mack Bryson


Fly fishing has been a passion of mine for over 25 years.  It has allowed me to create lifelong relationships as well travel across our country fishing some amazing places.  I turned my passion into a business in 2018 tying custom flies for both fresh and saltwater. There’s really nothing more exciting than seeing a fish eat a fly you tied.  Every fish I catch is filled with the same excitement as the first one I caught, and that is what keeps me coming back as well as wanting to explore new waters.

-Mack Bryson Instagram @southeasternflyworks  www.southeasternflyworks.com


Kevin Griffin

 Kevin was born and raised in Georgia and started fishing over 43 years ago.  He is a competitive angler, a Toccoa river guide for BigT Fly Fishing (www.bigtflyfishing.com), a European nymphing instructor and has been featured in Orvis News.  One thing about Kevin is that he is as passionate about tying as he is fishing.  He started fly tying over 10 years ago and really enjoys his time at the vise.  He is a contracted fly designer for Orvis and has been tying exclusively on a Norvise for over 8 years and swears he will never tie on anything else!  He ties at numerous Fly Fishing events throughout the year such as the Atlanta Flyfishing Show, Troutfest, etc and enjoys paying it forward and passing the art form on to others 


Brian Sheppard

 Brian Sheppard, a lifelong avid outdoorsman, is a native of Florida and Indiana.  He learned to fly fish at age 13 while summering in bucolic Blairstown, NJ.  Taught by family friend and respected angler/author Bob Romano, he was instantly hooked. The next natural step was tying his own flies but it only became a passion once linking up a tying group of fishing buddies when Brian moved to New York City. From there Brian created CityFly, a NY/NJ/CT licensed guide service, custom fly shop, and fly fishing education.  A large focus of CityFly is on the urbanite looking to learn in the city's natural resources, such as Central Park, and then get out there  to utilized learned skills in the wild.  In addition to CityFly, Brian is also professional actor with a master in fine art from Butler University. When not working, Brian enjoys surfing, camping, hiking, cooking, and enjoying all New York City has to offer.
For flies & guided fishing : www.gofishnyc.com 


Daniel Wells


Born in Washington D.C. and grew up fishing rockfish and largemouth bass in small ponds and the Chesapeake’s tidal rivers.  In 2001 I entered active duty service in US Army, which is also when I started fly fishing.  Spent majority of those 12 years active duty service chasing salmon/steelhead/trout in Upstate NY and Alaska.  After exiting military service in 2013, I moved to the Boston area with my wife to start our family.  I have spent the last 5 years chasing striped bass during the night shift with a focus on targeting trophy sized fish from shore on a fly rod.  Current fly tying focus is night specific patterns which are often quite large 10-14 inches including herring, bunker, squid, and American eel patterns. 

Daniel Wells Instagram @canalflyguy 


Jean Torres

I am a father to an amazing two year old little girl and husband to my beautiful wife. While my fly tying hobby only began a year and half ago, I have found that I love trying new patterns and new materials while continuing to perfect my own style of tying.  I try to tie as often as possible (or as often as my toddler will let me!) and each day I get better and better. I also love the community of fly tiers that I have met on social media since I started. In addition to tying in my spare time I enjoy fly fishing, offshore fishing, hunting, and spending time with my girls.  Catch me on Instagram @ KINO986. 


Brian Phelps

 Brian Phelps is the Fishing manager at Orvis in Westbury, NY and is a licensed OUPV captain/guide. He specializes in fly fishing for striped bass and other saltwater species, but also targets freshwater bass, trout, panfish and more. Brian also has a great passion for fly tying. Some of his flies have even been published in books, magazines, and been used in online articles. Brian currently lives in Stony Brook, NY with his wife and two children.


Evan Gillis

 I enjoy fly tying and fly fishing, but being a father of 2 means more time tying than fishing at the present time. I am from the east coast of Canada where I grew up fly fishing for anything that would take the fly (trout, salmon, striped bass).  Now living in the Nation's Capital where I target bass, pike and mainly musky.  As long as it's on the fly I'm happy.  


Steve Yewchuck

 Steve yewchuck grew up in the Catskill region fishing the Delaware River for trout, bass, and walleye. At a young age he became addicted to the Brook trout fishing that was available in many of the pristine creeks . One of the thing he enjoyed about fly fishing was the fact he could design his own flies to tempt his prey .He has always been involved in art and has been able to incorporate it in the flies he ties for many species of fish today . 


Sal Renzuella

 Born and raised in Norwalk. I'm 34 and have had a fly rod in my hand since I was 3, growing up fishing all of my local waters.  I currently own and operate River Keeper Guide service. I guide primarily on the Farmington River, and Housatonic. I hold a guided license in CT, and NY and a USCG captains license. I love to tie most of my own flies. I tie everything from streamers to dry flies putting my own twist and spin on many standard patterns. I am always looking for new materials to change up my patterns.


Nicholas Lattanzio


I’m from eastern PA, I grew up as a kid fishing with conventional gear, for smallmouth, walleye, and muskie. Then a friend got me into fly fishing by taking me to a trout stream but I wanted something more than trout. I found a home in muskie and I haven’t looked back. It’s my thing, I spend time thinking of how I could do better and plan my next trip and think of what I’ll do differently this time. Being on the water is relaxing, watching your fly swim back to the boat and learning what the fish like. But then it can turn into absolute chaos having an apex predator behind your fly, then eating it and getting it to the net. It’s a rush I haven’t felt in any of the extreme sports I use to do. But I enjoy tying,  it’s honestly my favorite part of the whole experience. It’s like building a puzzle. When I do sit down to tie it’s always big streamers. Always. 



George Norris

 My name is George Norris, I am a 16 year old high school student from Falmouth, Maine a small town just north of Portland. I have been fly fishing and tying for the past 6 years. I've been lucky enough to grow up within a football field distance from Casco Bay, which is filled with stripers. I have been fishing for Stripers as long as I can remember, along with bass and trout.  


Geoff Klane


Growing up in Massachusetts, I was never what one would call an outdoor-kid. It wasn’t until 2014, when I moved back to Massachusetts after college that I found fly fishing. Since then I have started guiding, tying and selling my flies, and building custom rods. Since then, it has been my honor and pleasure to share my knowledge and passion for this sport, this region, and it’s precious fisheries.  

If you’re ever interested in a guided trip, flies, or a custom rod, bounce on over to www.brackishflies.com and shoot me a message! 


Jakob Dellen

  I started fishing as little boy but the real passion came along when I started fly fishing in my local trout river. As student budget was low and the equipment expensive, therefore I soon started to tie my own flies. After a while I focused more on more in streamer fishing for pike zander and perch and on building these streamers. Nowadays I tie streamers nearly every day and try to get them wet as often as possible. There is no better feeling then catching a nice fish on your own handmade streamers. Instagram: @flyfishing_jay  


David Buduen

 My name is David Buduén and I live in NYC. I’ve been flyfishing and flytying for over 35 years. I love flytying because you can take new and old materials put them together to create a pattern. I’m a father of 2 kids which I love teaching them how to fly tie. In my free time if I’m not flyfishing I’m flytying. I have the best of both worlds in fishing freshwater or saltwater. Catch me on Instagram: @  UptownDave69 


Scott Barham

 My name is Scott Barham and I reside in Ontario. I'm a stone throw away from the Grand River where I do most of my fishing for bass, pike and trout.....but my real passion is chasing musky and tying the flies to entice them. I'm a father of 2 wonderful girls, an amazing wife, and my dog "King" weighs more than average human. Find me on Instagram @flytyingtuna 


Matt Cromie

 My name is Matthew and I am from Northern Ireland. I am an all round angler and fly tyer, I target alot of species and I love fly fishing. Its brings alot of different challenges. We are lucky to have some great places to fish for pike and trout in Ireland. 


Henry Fowler

My Name is Henry Fowler otherwise known as Hank. I am 20 years old and in college for Aquaculture and Aquarium science with a double major in Photojournalism. Growing up on the Coast of Connecticut finding bass in ponds and lakes along with hunting down the infamous Striper and False Albacore in the New England area. I have been flying fishing since I can remember growing up on a lake tying flies with my Dad. Later focusing on saltwater fly fishing and fly tying, once I found out just how addicting it is to get taken into your drag a couple hundred yards with a 7” fly that gets hammered. Conservation is important to me, I would rather see the fish in a picture than in front of me than on a plate. Fishing is a powerful addiction that I am willing to feed by tying more flies to catch more fish! I am always looking for new places to catch fish and ways to spread the love for our great sport with others.


Dave Egan

My name is David Egan and I’m lucky to live on the West Coast of Ireland. I fly fish for lake Brown trout on our World famous wild limestone loughs, and also in every river & stream that holds fish, also Saltwater predators such as the amazing European Sea Bass. I have been fortunate enough to represent my country on the International competition fly fishing scene and even more fortunate to have obtained top individual & team gold medals on Lough style trout fly fishing, beating the two times world champion en route.  As far as national titles, I’ve won them all. While this may show I’ve been lucky from time to time, the real joy of flyfishing for me is escaping the realism of everyday life and getting lost on a water, regardless of the quarry. Tying streamer patterns, dry fly, nymphs etc., in preparation for a day on the water, is the start of a journey into the unknown which fly fishing brings us all.