About Us

David & Stephie Nelson

David is an enthusiastic angler who has been fishing since he was 2 years old and has been fly fishing for over 25 years. He is also a skilled fly tyer, and his work on the vise has been featured in magazines, including the cover of Saltwater Fly Fishing, as well as in books by Klausmeyer and Popovics. Additionally, his fly-tying skills are frequently showcased on social media platforms.

Stephie is the driving force behind our brand, and is accountable for overseeing our daily business operations. With her extensive experience in sales and marketing, coupled with her passion for fly fishing, she is the ideal candidate to lead our mission of delivering high-quality products and services to fly tyers all around the world.

David Nelson is an accomplished fly tyer who created the revolutionary Squimpish Fly pattern by skillfully merging the qualities of Squid, Shrimp, and Fish. As a result, the name SQUIMPISH was born. This unique and versatile fly pattern has earned him recognition in the field of fly tying and has become a trusted resource for anglers seeking effective patterns to enhance their fishing experience.

Peace, Love & Fly-tying

At Squimpish, our motto is simple: Peace, Love, and Fly Tying. It's not just about crafting flies; it's about finding peace in the process, pouring love into every tie, and embracing the joy of fly tying as a shared adventure.

Peace, Love & Fly Tying✌❤️🎣

David & Stephie

Special thanks to our friend Chris Brown and BayColonyGuides.com for use of their images