About Us

David & Stephie Nelson

Stephie is brand creator, day to day operator and the driving force behind the business. Her background in sales and marketing is the perfect match for our focus and mission, that of bringing top quality products and service to our community.

David is an avid angler (fishing since 2 years old and fly fishing for over 25 years) and fly tyer whose work on the vise has been featured in magazines (cover of saltwater fly fishing), books (Klausmeyer and Popovics) and social media.

All gamefish eat these creatures in some form of another and as tyers we try to make imitations of these on the vise

Our materials are some of the finest available and will ensure that your creations are accepted by the fish provided you can make the cast :)

Peace, Love & Fly-tying

As fly tyers, we all share a borderline obsession in our pursuit of the perfect material for our flies in addition to how we tie them and fish them. It's like a piece of ourselves goes into all facets of the experience. Our products are the result of this, a lifetime of searching for the perfect synthetic “natural material". We are proud to share with you our superior products with everyone!

Tight Lines ✌

David & Stephie

Special thanks to our friend Chris Brown and BayColonyGuides.com for use of their images