Squimpish Hair


Squimpish hair is a synthetic fly tying material best described as a cross between bucktail and polar bear. The fibers come in a patch like craft fur and lengths ranging from 4”-12”. The listed length is the longest working material. Many examples have “underfur/guard fur”. All examples are tapered in length.

As Squimpish hair is a 100% custom product, there is a wide range of volume, length and densities that vary from color to color thus the unit size or “square inch x square inch” is not the same from color to color.

 Many colors are actually composed of numerous colors combined to make a single color. For example “Rainbow Pecan” is a blend of golden brown, purple, yellow & tan. All styles are blend-able, stack-able ,and trim-able.While the material is tapered in length on the patch, the actual material has the same diameter from base to tip so longer pieces can be cut in ½ and used like any synthetic material.

Squimpish Hair moves in water in lengths as short as an inch. When used sparsely it retains no water and when used in a bulkier fashion it sheds water. 

All standard tying techniques can be used with Squimpish hair especially used in hollow ties and dubbing loops. Blends very well with all your favorite materials.


Boutique Blends

 These are super premium blend of Squimpish hair with traces of flash and other synthetic and natural materials. These products are handmade in small batches. This is for the flytier that wants to work with a composite material in a colorway and length. Boutique blends are packaged doubled over itself and banded. Fibers in blends are 4”-’9” in length. Each package of blends is equivalent to a patch of squimpish hair.