Honeysuckle $11.00
 Squimpish hair is a superior fly tying material best described as a synthetic cross between bucktail and polar bear.100% synthetic fiber materialCustom color way-- No color bleedOur fibers come on a patch, similar to craft fur in lengths ranging from 3”-12Squimpish fibers are the same diameter from base to tip but staggered in length creating a very natural taperCan be cut to any length; reshuffled, to bring back natural taper and shapeBlend-able & stackableRetains little to no water--Sheds water one with one cast!SIZE: 7"-9"COLOR: Honeysuckle (Light Cream)
Navy $11.00
Introducing Squimpish Hair, the synthetic fly tying material that brings together the best of both worlds - the natural appearance of bucktail and the durable consistency of synthetic fibers. Whether you're a professional fly tyer or just starting out, Squimpish Hair offers exceptional performance and versatility, making it the perfect choice for any fly pattern. Here are some of the features that make Squimpish Hair stand out: Made from 100% synthetic fiber material that is extremely durable and long-lasting. Custom color way ensures that there is no color bleed, keeping your flies looking sharp and attractive. Comes in a patch of fibers that range from 3" to 12" in length, making it perfect for creating a range of fly patterns. The fibers have a natural taper, as they are the same diameter from base to tip but staggered in length, creating a more realistic look and feel. Squimpish Hair can be cut to any length and reshuffled to restore its natural shape and taper, offering endless customization options. Blend-able and stackable, this fly tying material allows you to create unique and custom patterns to suit your needs. Retains little to no water, shedding water with ease on each cast With its exceptional performance and versatility, Squimpish Hair is a must-have material for any fly tyer. Try it out today and take your fly tying skills to the next level! SIZE: 7"-9"COLOR: Navy (Dark Blue)