Big Fly Brush Big Fly Brush
Big Fly Brush $25.00
Squimpish Big Fly Brush is the perfect solution for big fly tying enthusiasts who seek a unique and effective tool to create extremely large flies. Builds a sparse lengthy body or a full collar for large baitfish and squid Dimensions: 15” Long x 14” Width (most fibers 4”-6” from center) Composed of Squimpish fibers and other complementary materials Constructed with heavy duty .008" stainless wire Use 1” of brush wrapped in a ½” space of shank/tube/wire for a very full/dense collar Use 2” of brush wrapped in a 2” space of shank/tube/wire for a lengthy sparse body
Steelhead Brush Steelhead Brush
Steelhead Brush $20.00
Introducing the Squimpish Steelhead Brush, a custom-designed brush for Steelhead and other anadromous species. With a focus on quick and efficient tying, these brushes are perfect for creating six identical flies with that sought-after teardrop/intruder shape. Here are some key features: 15" long for versatile use Graduating from a 1" core to a 3"-4" collar for perfect shaping Composed of Squimpish Boutique Blends and other complementary materials for a realistic look Constructed with heavy-duty .008" stainless wire for durability Designed for use on shanks or irons for maximum flexibility