Spec Blends Spec Blends
Spec Blends $11.00
Introducing our latest addition to our line of fly tying materials - Squimpish Spec Blends. Made from a unique blend of synthetic fibers, natural materials, and flash, these composite blends offer a full spectrum of colors to choose from. They are perfect for tying shorter streamers and can be used to create custom brushes, loops, and wings that will give your flies a realistic and attractive appearance. Here are some key features of Squimpish Spec Blends: Handmade composite blend of Squimpish hair, natural fibers, and flash. Full spectrum of colors to choose from. Approx. 1" to 4" long. Ideal for creating composite loops, brushes, and wings on shorter streamers. Can be cut to any length or blended with other materials for a unique look. Retains little to no water and sheds water with ease, allowing for a more natural presentation. Squimpish Spec Blends offer an exciting new way to tie flies that is both versatile and easy to work with. Whether you're a seasoned fly tyer or just starting out, these composite blends are sure to add a new level of creativity and customization to your fly tying. Try them out today and see the difference for yourself!